Special Color 12G SDI Cable

Special Color 12G SDI Cable

Special Color 12G SDI Cable

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Get a 12G SDI Cable in your favorite color! We will happily custom-build you a 12G SDI cable in one these six special colors. 

  • Red
  • Orange 
  • Yellow 
  • Green 
  • Blue 
  • Purple

Use this shielded 12G SDI cable to send the video output from your RED Komodo/V-Raptor to your preferred monitor or video transmitter. Built in Anaheim, California by competent technicians. 

We chose 16" because that's the right amount for RED's newest cameras with an on-camera monitor. We hope you'll trust us on this! 12" is too short for a Focus Pro with the cable on the dumb side, and 18" is a touch too big when considering Komodo/V-Raptor's small size. If needed, we also offer a 24" size for larger rigs. 

This cable goes along great with a 6 pack of Sprigs or a Storm Lock for your monitor! 

All 12G SDI StormCables™ are built with a genuine Belden®/Amphenol® connector, and Belden 4855R Shielded 12G SDI cable. During assembly, each cable is tested on our RED Komodo ST #00234, or Komodo and double checked by two different technicians, so you'll be able to shoot with confidence.