Can you make custom cables?

Not right now. We used to take custom cable orders, but since each custom cable takes a fair amount of R&D and one-off parts buying, we've found that it's more efficient to focus our efforts on upcoming products. Contact store@thomsonvisuals.com for more details. 

What are those little Sprig things?

They're great! They're little injection molded cable clips that keep your rig looking neat and tidy. We sell 'em in packs of 6! 

How can I be sure these cables will work?

We test each StormCable with our own Komodo ST #234 to ensure each cable leaves our garage working perfectly. EVERY cable has been made by me or my team, here in California. There’s nothing worse than buying a piece of gear and having the most critical component be the most prone to failure. We’re trying to change that. 

Should I buy cables over a breakout box?

Generally speaking, breakout boxes tend to be more robust than cables, and offer more connectivity options than a straight or Y cable. With that said, cables are more affordable than breakout boxes, keep rigs lightweight, and are a great backup plan if you already own a breakout box. 

If you're looking for a micro breakout box solution, consider the Thomson Visuals StormBox Pro, featuring 5 pin Timecode, 4 pin CTRL, 3 pin Run/Stop and Genlock on BNC. The StormBox is the only versatile breakout box currently available for Komodo that includes a genuine right angle LEMO connector. With the included Storm Lock mounting system, you're able to mount the StormBox Pro wherever you'd like!