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NEW! 12G SDI Gimbal Flex Cable

NEW! 12G SDI Gimbal Flex Cable

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Same reliability of our standard 12G cables, but now 39% thinner and significantly more flexible!

  • 12G SDI 4K 60p, 75 Ohm Belden® Cable
  • Just 2.54mm thin (compare with 4855R, which is 4.2mm)
  • PVC jacket (same durable material as our full-size StormCables)
  • Assembled in California, Shipped from California!  🇺🇸 

Our new Gimbal Flex Cables feature ultra-miniature Belden® cable and Amphenol® connectors, guaranteed to work with your RED® KOMODO™/V-RAPTOR™, Sony Venice™, or ARRI Alexa®. Specifically designed for gimbal work, this hyper-flexible cable will bring 4K 60P signals from your camera to a monitor or video transmitter. Our Gimbal Flex cables are the thinnest 12G SDI rated cables on the market. 

These cables are built in Southern California by competent technicians, then tested on our own KOMODOs before shipment.

Available in two standard lengths:

  • 30" - Default choice for all setups such as DJI Ronin/Movi/Trinity/Steadicam 
  • 18" - For RS3/RS2 rigs and use as an on-camera monitor cable

All 12G SDI Gimbal Flex Cables are built with a genuine Amphenol® connector, and Belden® 75 ohm shielded cable. With these durable materials and our professional assembly, we’re able to extract maximum performance out of this ultra-thin coax.

After assembly, each cable is tested on our RED KOMODO™ ST #00234, or KOMODO™  #07715 and double checked by two different technicians, so you'll be able to shoot with confidence, straight out of the packaging. 

Custom lengths available in 2” increments for an additional $10 fee. Contact for a quote.  

This cable goes along great with a 6 pack of Sprigs, or a Storm Lock for your monitor! 

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