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KOMODO/V-RAPTOR EXT to 3.5mm Tentacle Sync® Ultra-Thin TC Input Cable

KOMODO/V-RAPTOR EXT to 3.5mm Tentacle Sync® Ultra-Thin TC Input Cable

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Ultra thin Mogami cable makes this the most flexible StormCable yet! 

At your request, we yeeted the sleeving, and swapped in Mogami cable. The result is an EXT to Tentacle Sync cable that's extremely flexible, yet still durable enough to handle the most torturous on-set environments.  

  • Thinner than standard StormCables™
  • Made from premium quality Mogami cable to help reduce the risk of failure
  • Each Ultra Thin StormCable is electronically tested to ensure reliability

Use this cable to send timecode fromTentacle Sync device into the RED KOMODO/V-RAPTOR. Be sure to select "External TC Source" in the timecode section on your KOMODO/V-RAPTOR. 

The 6" cable is most popular. The 12" length is only available via special order. 

This StormCable™ is built with a genuine LEMO® FGG.0B.309 connector and Mogami® cable. During assembly, each cable is tested on our Komodo ST #234 and double checked by two different technicians, so you'll be able to shoot with confidence.  

Note: This cable is not wired to send timecode from Komodo™ (pin 2) to a Tentacle Sync Track E. Komodo does not yet have timecode output enabled. Contact for more information regarding Track E + Komodo timecode solutions.

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